Refuting Misconceptions Concerning Security Guards

Crime can be a major concern for business owners, and this should not be surprising given the substantial costs these actions can cause. Hiring security guards to protect your business may be necessary to ensure a safe environment for your workers and customers. However, if you have never needed the services of an experienced security guard, it is important that you have a clear understanding of what to expect. Learning the truths about common misconceptions may help provide you with a more thorough and accurate understanding of how a security guard can help your enterprise.   

Myth: All Security Guards Can Use Force To Detain Individuals

It is important for you to understand that most security guards are only legally authorized to report criminal activity to the police and they may assist authorities when they arrive. This stems from the liability issues that can accompany detaining an individual or otherwise using force against them.

If this is a service that you feel your business needs, there are security firms that can offer this type of guard. These individuals have often undergone extensive training in addition to having experience working in law enforcement or military settings. While there is an additional cost for this type of guard, they can prove to be an excellent source of protection.

Myth: Having A Security Guard Is A Large Legal Liability

The fear of higher liability stems from the idea that the security guard will make mistakes that can result in major lawsuits. Fortunately, this should not be a concern because these professionals will typically immediately seek the help of local law enforcement when a problem arises. If your company hires a guard that is only authorized to report these actions, they will not directly touch the other person unless it is in self-defense.

Additionally, these guards are required to have extensive liability insurance and bonding. This will shield you from much of this liability, which will be especially true when the guard acted under his own will without being directed by one of your employees.

Having a security guard protecting your business may be essential for your enterprise. However, if you are hiring your first security guard (from an outlet such as palisade group security service), it is important for you to have accurate information about these services. Knowing the limits of the actions your guard can take as well as the protection you enjoy from liabilities will help you to better understand how to use these services for your enterprise.