Security Tips For Your Construction Site

Theft and vandalism can have a major impact on a construction job. Theft outright affects your bottom line, as you scramble to replace missing materials or equipment. Vandalism can also come at a high costs, both for repairs and in lost time spent cleaning up the mess. Most problems occur after hours, when the site is empty. Fences and cameras can help, but they are nowhere near as effective as manned security. The following can help you choose the right security company so you can make sure everything is safe until the next work day.

On-site or Mobile Patrols

On-site security can cost more, but it does ensure that your jobsite is under live surveillance at all times. This can completely eliminate theft and vandalism problems. Monitoring services done with a mobile patrol drive by or through your site at regular intervals. This service is usually less costly, but it does mean that your site is left unguarded for extended periods of time. If you opt for a monitoring service, make sure the company staggers drive-by times. Otherwise, vandals and crooks can learn the schedule of the guards and simply invade the site when they know the guards won't be driving by. Generally, on-site security is a better option in areas with high crime, or in secluded areas where a thief is more easily able to work unnoticed.

Uniform Vs. Plain Clothes

Generally, a uniformed service is the best option for a construction site. Since these guards are mainly on duty after normal work hours, you want any potential bad guys to know that your site is under surveillance. A uniformed presence, whether armed or unarmed, can prevent problems before they can happen. Generally, unarmed guards are fine for a construction site since they are protecting items from theft, not people from potentially violent criminals.

Daytime Monitoring Options

Although after-hours theft is a major concern, daytime theft can also be a problem. This is especially true for larger sites where someone can walk on, posing as a worker, and walk off with expensive materials or equipment. Chances are you have already fenced in the site to help prevent this. Adding daytime security to monitor everyone coming and going through the entrance can further prevent theft. A combination of a security guard controlling access and camera monitoring can pretty much eliminate any issues during working hours. Some security firms offer guard and camera monitoring services as a package, so contact a local security firm to find out your options.

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