Ways That Someone May Have Placed A Listening Device In Your Vehicle

It's extremely easy for people today to buy listening devices, and while successfully planting one — perhaps on an ex-spouse or a business rival — is a little more challenging, this task is still possible. People often worry about listening devices being planted in their homes or places of work, but it's important to also know that a listening device in your vehicle could reveal sensitive information. If you suspect that someone has bugged your vehicle, you'll definitely want to have a professional who is trained in technical surveillance countermeasures sweep it and let you know what he or she finds. Here are some ways that someone could place a bug in your vehicle.

While Riding With You

The simplest way for someone to place a listening device in your vehicle is to do so while riding in the vehicle with you. Ideally, you'd like to think that those whom you trust enough to be in your vehicle aren't trying to gather information on you, but this isn't always the case. Someone could ride with you and wait until you're distracted or out of the vehicle for a moment — for example, paying a toll or pumping gas — and then slip a discreet listening device into a hidden area.

During Repair Work

If you're concerned about someone bugging your vehicle, you need to be wary of when it's not in your possession for a period of time. A prime example is when the vehicle is at a local repair shop. An unknown person could simply open the unlocked door of the vehicle as it sits in the shop's parking lot — mechanics often leave vehicles unlocked so that they can retrieve them quickly — and hide a listening device inside of it. Or, a cagey individual could even loiter around the garage and access the vehicle while it's in the garage, but when the mechanics are distracted with another job.

In Your Driveway

Unfortunately, many people fail to lock their vehicles 100% of the time while at home, which means that an unknown person could easily open your door and place a listening device in the vehicle. Even if your vehicle were locked, someone could use a shaved key or, more likely, an electronic device to open the locked door and gain access. A bug in your vehicle could significantly complicate your life, given the number of phone conversations that you have in this space under the pretense of it being private. Finding the bug will be critical to protecting yourself.

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