Security Tips For Your Construction Site

Theft and vandalism can have a major impact on a construction job. Theft outright affects your bottom line, as you scramble to replace missing materials or equipment. Vandalism can also come at a high costs, both for repairs and in lost time spent cleaning up the mess. Most problems occur after hours, when the site is empty. Fences and cameras can help, but they are nowhere near as effective as manned security. [Read More]

Refuting Misconceptions Concerning Security Guards

Crime can be a major concern for business owners, and this should not be surprising given the substantial costs these actions can cause. Hiring security guards to protect your business may be necessary to ensure a safe environment for your workers and customers. However, if you have never needed the services of an experienced security guard, it is important that you have a clear understanding of what to expect. Learning the truths about common misconceptions may help provide you with a more thorough and accurate understanding of how a security guard can help your enterprise. [Read More]